Ballet Black is an Indulgent Musical & Visual Experience! A Must See!

Cristauz_BALLET BLACK: Barbican Theatre, Choreographer; Arthur Pita, Cira Robinson, Mthuthuzeli November

Cristauz_BALLET BLACK: Barbican Theatre,
Choreographer; Arthur Pita,
Cira Robinson, Mthuthuzeli November

I do ballet once a week so I know just how hard this beautiful classic form of dance really is; but there was nothing hard about watching Ballet Black’s 2016 triple bill at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East. Bringing contemporary dance and classical ballet into 3 beautifully choreographed and well sequenced pieces the audience are taken on a visionary tour which is a delight for the eyes as well as the spirit.

Internationally recognised as giving black and Asian dancers the opportunities to shine and share their talents, dance company, Ballet Black, amazes the audience with the first set, Cristaux, choreographed by Arthur Pita, of the Royal Opera House and performed by dancers Cira Robinson and Mthuthuzeli November.  A sparkling vision, en pointe, Robinson enchants us with her effortless moves and I was spellbound by the magic created between her and November. There were flashes of African-inspired dance mixed with traditional French ballet that set the scene for an amazing show.

The second set, To Begin, Begin, was choreographed by Christopher Marney and had 6 ballet dancers perform fluid, sensual and complex steps that told a story of soulmates, passion and human connection. Oftentimes this piece was abstract, yet the chemistry between the dancers gave enough to the audience for us to just about grasp the meaning, or just enjoy the imagery.

The third and final set, Storyville, told the story of a young girl’s loss of love and innocence back in the 1910s on the dark streets of New Orleans. Reminiscent of a Tennessee Williams play this piece was funny, sad and sometimes scary. There is a mix of the Argentine Tango alongside classic American swing running through the constant presence of classical ballet.

Overall this performance from Ballet Black was an indulgent musical and visual experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend as an introduction to ballet if you have never considered seeing a performance.

Ballet Black ends its run at Royal Theatre Stratford, tonight Saturday 8th October. To book tickets go to:

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