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How To Use The British Blacklist

Whether you’re a fan trying to find out what your favourite star has worked on recently, an agent promoting new talent, part of a production team looking for cast members, or a company/individual who wants... read more

Fortnum & Mason Launches Writing Award

Luxury department store Fortnum & Mason has announced the launch of its Food and Drink Awards, which will seek to recognise the best of the UK’s food and drink media. Entries open today (19 December)... read more

Best Books 2012: What This Year’s Award-Winning Titles Tells Us

So what do the successes – and failures – of the past 12 months tell us about 2012? Perhaps the biggest shock this year came from the states, where the Pulitzer committee failed to agree... read more

Single, Spiritual AND Sexual! by Cezanne Poetess

Cezanne Poetess has put her latest work ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ for all to read and download. The story ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ begins with a young woman’s inner conflict between her religious beliefs and her sexual... read more

Children’s Books Shouldn’t Sit Still and Behave

David Almond, the new artistic director of the Telegraph Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, argues that young readers are essential to our cultural life. Children’s literature is a place of great experimentation. Like children... read more

Curtis Brown Creative Books Launches Digital Self-Publishing Programme

Curtis Brown Creative Books will release over 200 titles in ebook and print on demand formats from December 2012 exclusively through Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace. The programme is designed to allow authors to retain... read more

Costa ‘anonymous’ Short Story Prize To Be Decided By Public Vote

Six short stories by six anonymous writers are competing for the first ever Costa short story prize, with the public voting to decide on the eventual winner. Both published and unpublished writers were able to... read more

Twitter Fiction Festival Set to Launch Today

From a retelling of The Turn of the Screw to 100 Greek myths condensed into 100 tweets, the first Twitter fiction festival kicks off this afternoon with authors lined up to contribute from around the... read more

Endless Fascination: In Praise Of novels Without Neat Conclusions

Tidy narrative closure may be entertaining, but loose ends and ambiguity offer a truer sense of real life. The well-worn formula beginning/middle/end is the default mode for pretty much all of the commercial and... read more

SI Leeds Literary Prize

SI Leeds Literary Prize is a new prize for unpublished fiction by Black and Asian women resident in the UK aged 18 years and over. The prize aims to act as a loudspeaker for Black... read more

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