Government Invests £150,000 In Online Copyright Service


The online resource is expected to bring various creative industry bodies together to provide a web-exchange which will act as a definitive source of information about rights ownership and intellectual property (IP).

In a review of IP back in 2011, Professor Hargreaves recommended that the UK should establish an industry-led solution to improve copyright licensing. He estimated that it could add up to £2.2 billion a year to the UK economy by 2020.

Lord Younger, Minister for IP, said: ‘The copyright hub will simplify copyright licensing for consumers and I am delighted to announce this funding to enable industry to begin their work.

‘Databases of copyright works such as those held by collecting societies and publishers, and designs such as the Register of Designs at the IPO already exist. However, government has listened to concerns that consumers are unsure who they should go to if they are looking for information about obtaining a licence, particularly if multiple rights are involved.’

Richard Hooper was appointed by government to undertake a feasibility study in November 2011. His report Copyright Works: Streamlining copyright for the digital age published in July 2012…Read More

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