Tammy V speaks to new artist Ezi Emela about her latest release ‘No Le Le’.

Ezi Emela

Ezi Emela

Ezi Emela is a model turned singer who is slowly but surely making her way up the music industry ladder. She first released music back in 2012 with her single ‘Catch My Heart’, since then she has been making music that she states as unique to her.

I caught up with Ezi about her latest single ‘No Le Le’, she also talks about her fashion inspirations, her influences and she has a message for those who doubted her…

Hello and welcome to The British Blacklist Ezi. Can you tell us a little about where you are from and how you got involved in music?

Hello, my origin is Nigeria, I was born in Manchester England and now live in London England. I met my first ever producer at a video shoot that I was modelling for and we spoke about me and what I wanted and we went from there and recorded my first single ‘Catch My Heart’.

Your latest single is titled ‘No Lele’ what does the phrase mean?

No Problem…

The song is very catchy, did you write it?

Yes I did write it, thank you.

…And it was influenced by those who have doubted you, what would you say to those people now that you are getting a lot of positive feedback on your music?

To be honest, I don’t really have much to say to people that doubted me, I will let my music and growth speak for me there is a message for them all in my music.

You are a former Chanel Model, how much does fashion influence the visuals for your music?

It influences it quite a lot. I’m very much involved in the styling part of all my visuals as I know what it is that works for me and what doesn’t. Modelling has helped me a lot as you have to know how to sell yourself, the product and your image.

Who is your fashion idol, is there anyone who inspires your personal style?

I love Rhianna’s and Teyana Taylor they are my personal style inspirations.

You have previously performed with artists such as Moelogo, PSquare, 2Face and Mr Silva, who have had a level of success with their music, how much does this influence and/or drive you to succeed?

Working with and watching these artists has had quite a big influence on me when it comes to pushing myself to be at their level and also to aim even higher.

‘No Lele’ is described as AfroTrap with a British influence, is this how you would describe your sound?

It’s how I would describe the sound of ‘No Lele’ but not all my music, more like Afro Indie (I made that up for myself). This basically means any style I do i.e. soul, r&b, trap all have an African influence.

Afrobeats has been slowly becoming one of the main musical genres on the British Urban scene, as an afro beats artist, has it been hard for you to make your mark?

Yes I feel like it has, especially being a female it’s quite difficult to get Africans to take you seriously.

If you were to compare yourself to any other female artist who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t, I’ll leave other people to do the comparisons.

What can we expect from Ezi Emela next, where can we find your music?

Another video/single is in the works, and also my EP will be dropping very soon. You can also find my music on Youtube/Vevo just search Ezi Emela. My twitter handle is @MsEziEmela.

Thank you for speaking to The British Blacklist.

Interview for The British Blacklist by @Tammyvm