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E Plus

E Plus

When Choice FM shocked everyone by morphing into Capital Xtra overnight and disguarding many of our favourite presenters who had become household names, behind the scenes DJ E Plus was breathing a sigh of relief. He had not been at the station for as long as some of the other more well-known Dj’s yet had some how survived the chop.

Obviously he had left his mark and soon found himself in a regular daily slot yet despite this E Plus flies under the radar and you won’t find his name of the tip of the general public’s tongue. However he is a huge industry personality in the music industry, with a long and experience background, definitely one of ‘the plugs’ everyone needs to know.

Tell us about Your Journey Thus Far…

My journey hasn’t been a short one or straightforward one. I started in the music industry as a singer actually, in a boy band called 182 we performed at Trevor Nelson’s Urban Choice back in the day and were doing really well, but my parents wanted me to focus on my studies so I had to leave the group but I continued singing with London Community Gospel Choir which they didn’t mind at all. I was also into tour management and worked with many American Artists for a when they came to perform in the UK, Neyo, Wu Tang and Lloyd being the most notable. After a stint on Pirate radio I landed at Bang Radio (now The Beat London 103.6fm) I was there for 9 years until I accepted my dream job at Choice FM and now I’m a Capital Xtra regular.

Why do you think you survived the Choice FM mass exodus?

I wouldn’t call it a mass exodus, with rebranding comes change. I believe with the birth of Capital Xtra the new station needed an injection of new blood which so far has worked out well for the station and what the bosses wanted to achieve. I am glad I still have a job though.

Did you have a backup plan? Do you still have a plan now in case they make cuts again?

Back up plans are always important when you are self-employed, I’m always doing projects outside of radio so mine tend to constantly change. I also have other business interests outside of radio. It is always good to have multiple streams of income to sustain yourself, you really cant rely on one thing anymore.

One pet peeve I have with mainstream DJs is them boasting about being ‘play-listed’ to me that equals a lack of control and traditionally Dj’s always control the music they play, do you pick any of the music on your show?

I wouldn’t call myself a radio ‘DJ’, I’m more of a radio presenter, and therefore I present the music that has been tested and play-listed. I do often speak to bosses if I think there are tracks that I believe we should be playing and we aren’t playing. I do have input into a few songs in the show. I get to showcase at least one track a day of my own choosing.

You are on the radio every evening. 8pm – midnight How does this affect your family life?

It can be stressful, it can be tiring, but growing up I saw my parents both have multiple jobs, so trying to keep productively busy is what I know and it reinforces the rewards of hard work to my son, that is something I plan to drill into him when he is older.

Is being a Dj a job or a lifestyle? Do you DJ outside of your show?

Dj’ing can be a job, and/or a lifestyle I’m a father so I don’t venture out to to many events or make it consume my life totally. Yes I do DJ outside of radio. I have an Old Skool event at the Brixton Electric (Old Skool Factory), which happens three or four times a year, strictly 90s and early noughties music. Recently we had Dj Jazzy Jeff headlining which was a huge crowd pleaser. I also do private bookings across the country.

On your show you get some of the big music interviews, who have been your favourites?

My favourite interview was with SWV, 3 colourful individuals, which in part was included in their reality show, it was an experience to see myself on the TV speaking to them. NAS was also one of my favourite interviews, he’s always a consummate professional

Is FM radio still a viable medium? Can it compete with online/on demand content?

I believe it still is. Cars, and portable radios are still being built with FM radios. FM is easy to understand, it is what we have all grown up on/with. Online and on demand mediums are growing and I guess will be less popular as the millennial generation gets older. I still believe FM has a few more years life yet before its completely taken over by the internet.

You are good friends with UK singers Nathan & Alexandra Burke who both appeared on reality shows, are these shows good or bad for the music industry?

I believe they are a blessing and a curse. Bottom line is, it is all down to the editing on the “reality TV shows”. The music industry is all about sales… Songs sales or box office sales (via touring). If it makes money, it makes sense… to someone. I am glad that X Factor introduced the world to Alexandra Burke, her performance with Beyonce is still the best final performance in the history of that show and still, in my opinion, only a fraction of the talent she has.

You can listen to E Plus on Capital Xtra everyday E-Plus will bring you the best urban dance music first every Monday-Thursday evening on Capital XTRA from 8pm-12pm, plus catch every Friday from 8pm-11pm – http://www.capitalxtra.com/radio/e-plus/

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Interview by @MissMMiles for The British Blacklist