Amour Owolabi

    Amour Owolabi has trained at IDENTITY Drama School and has started to make his own mark as he rapidly moves forward in his acting career appearing in feature films: Shattered Hearts & Hunting for Hubbies.


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    2. 01 June 17, 10:06am

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    3. 01 June 17, 6:03am

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    25. 05 May 17, 9:53am

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      e2J’aime, j’adore le travail de Kerry, tellement original et inspirant ! Hâte de voir sa ligne pour la maison, et je lui souhaite plein de succès dans tous ses projets 🙂

    108. 12 March 17, 11:33pm

      Så søtt sett du fant der da, skjønner at du måtte ha det med deg.-nille har begynt å komme seg ja. Jeg jobbet der i noen år, og da ble det bedre og bedre ettersom tiden gikk. Nå følger de jo med i interiørverden og er "på moten" ganske kjapt.Ha en flott helg Jatte!Klem fra Tonje Merethe

    109. 12 March 17, 4:27pm

      Dårlig samvittighet må vi bare kaste over skulderen med en gang!Han er jo så heldig å få TO besøk! Tipper han gleder seg:)De arkene kjøpte jeg jeg også i forrige uke. Fiiine til vimpel:)Og så gøy med fiskeposer:) Det skal jeg ha i bakhodet til 7-årsdag i februar:)Kos dere!

    110. 12 March 17, 7:28am

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    111. 11 March 17, 7:12pm

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    112. 10 March 17, 11:01pm

      Eric Battershell – Hey Megan,Could you give me some photoshop tips on what you did with these photos? I have another wedding coming up on the 26th. Ideas like backlighting, position of flash in certain lighting conditions, sharpness of subjects. Thanks!!! Wondering if I need a different flash!

    113. 10 March 17, 10:50am

      I’m SURE I’ve seen that fish. Though I don’t think it was as popular here. It would be, if the fish were jumping into that lady’s gaping mouth. Thanks for coming by all the way from Italy! Where in Italy are you?

    114. 10 March 17, 6:28am

      The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    115. 09 March 17, 9:36am

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    116. 09 March 17, 3:08am

      i’m with Lori K and keeping score of the sins of others. of course when it’s my score…no problem. but keeping score for others…BIG problem. bad part is i blame this on my job in the justice system where we always look at your “prior record”…definitely a struggle.

    117. 08 March 17, 6:40pm

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    118. 08 March 17, 1:23pm

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    119. 06 March 17, 11:45pm

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    120. 04 March 17, 11:20am

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    126. 24 February 17, 9:06pm

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    127. 22 February 17, 5:41pm

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    128. 18 February 17, 12:14pm

      Hi Antonio,I think it should be OK. But what you can do, is smell each cake or brick and see if the odors are similar. This may lead you to isolate the one or 2 that have overpowering smells or that have smells that don’t fit.

    129. 18 February 17, 7:09am

      My wife asked me to come on here and read this story, as she just had boudoir photos done and it did a world of wonder for her. Her sister has anxiety issues as well so it hits home for her. I vote for Candace.

    130. 17 February 17, 6:41am

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    131. 17 February 17, 2:44am

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    139. 07 February 17, 6:06pm

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    141. 06 February 17, 8:33pm

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    142. 06 February 17, 6:22pm

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    143. 06 February 17, 12:37pm

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    144. 08 January 17, 10:53am

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    145. 07 January 17, 2:57am

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    146. 04 January 17, 9:01am

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    148. 01 January 17, 4:49pm

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    155. 23 December 16, 4:07pm

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    156. 20 December 16, 4:26am

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    166. 14 December 16, 7:47am

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    167. 10 December 16, 4:28pm

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    169. 10 December 16, 12:16am

      straight here. Does it matter? Yes, it does because it proves the world is becoming a little less narrow-minded if straight people are reading this blog. I am so sorry for the difficult childhood you had. No child should have to endure that. But I hope your life now is easier. May I say God bless you?

    170. 04 December 16, 8:09am

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    185. 28 October 16, 3:44am

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    186. 27 October 16, 12:33am

      Your bedroom is VERY boudoirish! I would kill for a bed like that!I love your dressing table and everything on top of it!Adore the Spanish dancer picture above your fireplace!Ooo how exciting! I remember helping mum out at the bootsale a couple times when I was younger, I was sad to see other children buying my videos and toys that I no longer played with! Haha!Can you take a picture of your stall for us.. I'd love to see how you set it up! xxx

    187. 26 October 16, 4:42pm

      I can vertainly get behind Missy Franklin in anything that she attempts. THis young woman is the epitome of what the Olympics are/should be all about. Contrast her reaction to things to some of her contemporarires.

    188. 24 October 16, 1:29pm

      OKAY!!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TALENTED!! By far the most AH-AMAZING engagement photos I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot!! I am in love with every single one of them. It was worth the wait! Tammy you are something else!

    189. 22 October 16, 5:27pm

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    190. 20 October 16, 1:19am

      I had two close friends go through DCE (one incidentally – was one of the Ranipur deserters who went to RKP – the bugger!). They did very well for themselves. Both of them prepared hard for JEE – and I think, were they to read this post, would give me a big internet hug. Thanks for leaving ur thoughts.

    191. 18 October 16, 6:45am

      sah sah le artis baru ni bangang….. Wartawan mmg le cr bhn nk lakukan paper diorg…. Yg anzalna ni lurus bendul gi cerita buat apa…. Tunjuk kebodohan masing2 je…. Diam diri kan lg bijak…..Well-loved.

    192. 16 October 16, 4:39am

      Thinking like that shows an expert at work

    193. 11 October 16, 9:36am

      Thank you Christa! I love your work as well! Jessica and I had such fun…there were about a dozen quinceañera girls down there that afternoon with their entourages…so it was a great exercise in exploration I’ll be posting her wedding this week – such a perfect mix of traditional/vintage/classic/old hollywood. Let me know what you think!

    194. 10 October 16, 1:09pm

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